Waves Version 9

For over twenty years, Primacoustic has been providing acoustic solutions for a noisy world. Our background is in Pro Audio, helping top recording studios sound their best, and we’ve made it our mission to bring this expertise to all kinds of spaces affected by poor sound. With a growing range of Innovative products, knowledgeable staff, and helpful tools, we’ll guide you from concept to installation, so you can enjoy exceptional spaces. To install and activate Waves V9.92 plugins, use the following offline installation procedure. After a clean up of old waves and following the re-install methods listed here and at their website i still have no waves plugins that i’ve paid for. I have tried moving it to different folders and adding them to the Path Settings and rescanning/restarting but the program totally ignores this file.

Waves Version 9

Thank goodness for TimeMachine and the fact that I started using it regularly a week or so ago. I restored it to the components folder and relaunch DP, open the project and all my Version 9 Waves plugs are working again. Hello and thank you for your assessment! Which plug-ins or which manufacturer is better or worse, I do not want to judge.

How to Install Waves Legacy/v9 Plugins with Waves Central

They seemed to have reskinned the Renaissance plugins…. The old UI was hideous and unwieldy to work with, put me off ever using them. https://www.wave-accounting.net/ IZotope and Audio Ease, well, I wouldn’t count on them not trying to make a profit off of AS versions anymore than I would NI.

  • It has a good selection of equalisers, compressors, noise reduction, and reverb tools.
  • Waves applications require activation to hard disk or USB flash drive.
  • I had to do something very similar to what KurtOzz did.
  • But currently if I could at least use legit latest pro tools with cracks I’d be a happy camper.
  • Yes this is using the Waves Central app and you should be able to do it with the most recent version of Waves Central V10.

If you don’t have success, start over and persevere. Once you are finished, the last step is to activate the version 9 plugins. At this point under Windows, you should have all your plugins installed, but none of them have been Activated. Starting from scratch, I’m assuming you do not have any Waves plugins installed in Windows.

How to Roll Back to Waves v9.6

You can do a wineserver -k on the relevant wineprefix after leaving the DAW. There was also another issue but I can’t remember at this point. If you really need Waves (why?), use them on Windows or MacOS.

What is the current Waves version?

Waves Central v14. 0.6 is now available with the following updates: Waves Central now features the Waves Creative Access page, where all plugin subscriptions are installed and activated.

I bought H-reverb and IR-L because they were ridiculously cheap (and I’d successfully gotten the demos running on Linux) but they are no longer installed. I have high regard for such great people as Pietjankbal and Robert from Yabridge and the Wine folks, but I just have too much money installed in Waves to do without. I am not a programmer and I don’t know where the problems described above come from. I suspect it could be Wine or even Reaper…. Launch your DAW and confirm the plugins are there. Next, we’ll ask yabridge to scan for the new Waves plugins.

Install waves 9

Apparently, something about the sandbox Snap version of Firefox keeps it from ‘talking’ to Waves Central. So if you have problems getting Waves Central to login to your account, it may be a browser problem. This part is very annoying and at times, I had to click back and forth between the browser and Waves Central several time before the login was accepted. The current version of Waves Central only installs Waves version 10+ plugins.

Waves Version 9

I had to do something very similar to what KurtOzz did. Waves’ tech support got back to me in 10 minutes. I had plugins show up but some would not load.

Everyone must decide for himself and if he is happy with his choice, so much the better! I have now also tested some in Ardour. But I have to agree with you that Windows plugins are better off in Windows DAW’s. However, it was worth a try and I learned a few things, so it wasn’t wasted time. If the major manufacturers ever release Linux versions, I’ll be sure to be there. I was able to deactivate the plugins without access to the activated partition, then I was able to reactivate on a new partition.

For complete activation instructions, click here. Sorry yes I forgot to mention that you need to uninstall the newer version of Waves Central first and then install the legacy version. Any way you could give me a walk through Waves Version 9 on this? I’m having issues with the Waves stuff on legit pro tools. So you’ll need to pay for an update if you want to use Catalina or, maybe upgrade to a bundle which will also give you more plugins for the money.

Existing V9 licenses can be found and managed on the Licenses page of Waves Central. Download the Waves V9 legacy version compatible with your system. I have ONE v10 plugin – Scheps Omni – the rest are v9. Per my previous post, you should be able to uninstall everything and reinstall as V9.

How do I update my Waves V9?

  1. Launch the Waves Central application:
  2. Log into Waves Central using your Waves account information.
  3. Click the Install Products tab, and select My Products to show a list of your plugins and their installation status.
  4. Choose the products to install and/or activate.

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